Smart Tips to Simplify Your Move

3 min readMar 30, 2020


A moment relaxing during a HiveBoxx move.

Moving can be enjoyable and straightforward when you take a little time to educate yourself. You can keep your valuable objects safe while using your time wisely. Additionally, consider getting help with your move if necessary. These tips are likely to help you move with a positive mindset and a lot less frustration.

  1. You can cushion plates by putting paper towels or packing paper between them. After this, place your dishes in a large HiveBoxx container.
  2. Instead of using spackle, try filling nail holes with bar soap.
  3. Emptying drawers is unnecessary but should be considered to lighten the overall weight of heavy furniture. If you decide to keep items inside their drawers during the move, apply furniture wrap around the dresser to secure the drawers closed.
  4. Organize wires and cables with handy toilet paper tubes.
  5. Since the move will leave you exhausted, leave your dishes in the HiveBoxxes. Support local restaurants and explore your new neighborhood.
  6. Consider making a change of address checklist with pen and paper, or print one found online. Another resource HiveBoxx offers is through its partnership with Updater.
  7. Know where your items belong by color-coding boxes to rooms or using the custom HiveBoxx moving labels provided with your moving bundle rental.
  8. Try using a laundry basket for essential items such as a coffee maker. Place this atop the counter upon arrival at your new home.
  9. Utilize plastic bags to keep hardware organized.
  10. Avoid the need to assemble boxes by renting eco-friendly moving boxes from HiveBoxx. Their boxes have easy-to-carry handles, attached lids and are sturdier for stacking and packing.
  11. You don’t need to buy expensive wardrobe boxes when you can rent them from HiveBoxx. Instead, keep clothes on hangers and place them in the XL HiveBoxx.
  12. Be cautious of spills by putting plastic wrap under toiletry lids.
  13. Rather than purchase extra boxes, use bags and suitcases.
  14. Keep plates safer when you wrap them well and pack vertically.
  15. Use the custom HiveBoxx moving box labels with box contents and the room these belong in.
  16. To avoid back injuries, pack books in suitcases with wheels or use the HiveBoxx Dolly to wheel your heavy boxes around with ease.
  17. Use IKEA bags for items such as blankets, clothes and stuffed animals.
  18. Write fragile on boxes containing breakables even if you’re the only person who’ll touch them. This is crucial and a must-do tip.
  19. Cushion breakables with padding such as plastic grocery bags. If you don’t pad the top, these might get crushed.
  20. Prevent the door from latching each time you carry a box out by wrapping a rubber band around the doorknob.
  21. For items stored all year long and holiday decor, consider purchasing storage bins from HiveBoxx after your move is completed.
  22. Keep jewelry organized and tangle-free by packing them in egg cartons.
  23. Remind yourself where your stuff goes with a moving room key.
  24. You can sell items you don’t need at a yard sale or go digital and post your stuff on Facebook Marketplace. Besides this, consider donating them to charity or recycling them if applicable. After all, you never know if someone may have a better use for your old stuff.

A better destination may await you, but first, you must get your stuff there in one piece. In fact, you now have the power of knowledge to make your move more pleasant. Don’t worry too much about bumps in the road ruining your belongings. Once you arrive, be sure to enjoy your new home because you deserve it.

The key takeaway is to plan and plan and plan. Don’t wait until the last minute. We are excited for 2020 when we launch Moovd — your free moving concierge. Until then, check us out at and use promo code BUZZ15OFF to save 15% on your moving box rental. We are the Uber of eco-friendly moving boxes and moving supplies. #yourwelcome :)

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